Three Bad Days…

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Because I like a challenge, and also because I seem to have nothing better to do at the moment, I chose TWO plot scenarios, and will write a story based off of both of them. Topping in at 863 words, it is a little under the limit, but nonetheless complete.


The story starts when your protagonist realizes s/he has a supernatural power.

Another character is a geneticist who is skilled in archery.




The story starts when your protagonist goes to a party.

Another character is a police officer who can travel through time.




Three Bad Days

            Karl had been having a bad couple days.
            The first day, his best friend decided to up and disappear off the face of the Earth.
            The second day, his girlfriend broke up with him.
            The third day, he went to a party, and burned down the house… Accidentally, of course, but that didn’t matter.
            He didn’t know how he had done it. All his anger over the events of the last few days had just…boiled over. He had had a cup of soda in his hand, and thinking about how crappy things were had caused it to suddenly boil away in his hands. The cup itself had slumped all over his arm, but oddly, although it was boiling hot, it felt cool to the touch.
            He had been shocked at this event, naturally. And so had flung the hot mess away from him. It landed on some nearby blinds, and the rest was history.
            Which was why Karl found himself in a jail cell, with nothing better to do than wait to see if his father could come by and post bail, but when the officer came by to let him out, it was not his father waiting for him outside, but his best friend’s mother.
            “Mrs. Rhendron!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”
            “I bailed you out, silly. Why else would I be here?” she said, striding over to give him a friendly hug.
            “Is there any word…?” Karl said, disengaging from the embrace.
            “I’m afraid not. Kalgan and Celine are still nowhere to be found,” she replied, not sounding too worried.
            Karl thought this odd, but didn’t press the issue. Mrs. Rhendron was always a slightly odd person. He guessed that was because she was a reclusive geneticist, but apparently brilliant, with an unusual hobby. She liked to practice archery; a skill that her two children, Kalgan and Celine Rhendron, shared with her.

             Karl sighed. Where was Kalgan? He had given no indication to Karl three days ago that he was planning a trip of any kind. Mrs. Rhendron had filed a police report the day her son and daughter turned up missing, but the police appeared to be sitting on their hands when it came to the investigation… But when it came to a plastic cup bursting into flames, they had immediately sprung into action. Go figure.

            “So, do you want to talk about what happened?” Mrs. Rhendron asked.

            “Not much to say, really…”
            “Oh? It’s not really like you to burn someone’s house down, Karl. There must be an interesting story in there, somewhere.”
            “I suppose.”

            “Come on. I’m not taking you home until you tell me.”

            “Fine. Geez! It doesn’t make sense, really, tell you the truth. I was at the party, just trying to stay out of everybody’s way, when the soda I was drinking flash-boiled and the plastic cup slumped all over my arm. I sorta freaked out a little bit, and flung some hot plastic onto some drapes. The place started to go up in flames. I got out. Everybody got out. No one was hurt, and the owners of the house are suing me.”
            “Very concise,” Mrs. Rhendron said, smiling. “I take it you told the police what happened?”

            “Absolutely not! They would have just thought I was crazy. Instead, I told them it was an accident. It was still my fault, I’m pretty sure, but seeing as how this is my first infraction, they said that I will probably get away with some community service.”

            “Hmm… I suppose these kinds of things have happened before? Things you can’t explain?” she asked, stopping before her car.
            “Yeah. Once in a while… Nothing as drastic as the other day, though. Why? Is there something wrong with me? Am I going to need an exorcism, or something?”
            Mrs. Rhendron laughed. “Absolutely not. I’m sure there’s some logical explanation to all of this. Perhaps there was a convergence of microwaves in the area.”

            “Hmmm…” Karl said, not convinced. “Whatever that means…” he stepped over to the passenger side, and got in the car.

            Mrs. Rhendron got her keys out of her purse, but held them in shaking hands for a moment. She suppressed the urge to cry out. “Things are moving too fast! I need more time!” she whispered to herself. She needed to get Karl away from this place before it was too late. Before he manifested any more… abilities.

            Jackson stepped out of the rupture, and didn’t even bother to turn around and watch it close behind him to a rush of sound and wind. He knew what it looked like, and he wasn’t a rookie anymore. He had been doing this for almost 15 years now. His latest case involved the apprehension of a teenager. He did not know why. Such questions were above his pay grade. He only did what he was told, and they paid him good money to do it.

            He adjusted the holster that carried his weapon, and walked through the empty parking lot to the police station. He wanted to get this done quickly, so he could go back home to his wife yesterday. 



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2 responses to “Three Bad Days…

  1. Christopher Shawbell

    Really good read. I had a fun time with this. As so often happen when one reads a good FF piece, I want more. Again, well done.

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