The Mirror of the Nine Halls (Part 2)

Here is the promised second part of my new project. If you haven’t already, please read my previous post, as this is a direct sequel to it. You can find it below!

Mirror of the Nine Halls (Part 2)

After scarfing down his dinner, Kalgan returned to his room and the Mirror with a few new ideas to try to figure out what this thing was.
“Alright you silly piece of…” he started to say as he turned back around from closing his door, but then stopped.
The mirror was sitting upright, and it looked like the books he had used to prop it up were now sliced through completely to the ground.
Kalgan hurriedly ran over to the mirror and put a hand on either face of the mirror so it wouldn’t fall, then gently tried to lean it up against his wall once more.
Only it wouldn’t move. He couldn’t even budge it an inch! He leaned against it harder, but again, no movement whatsoever.
He began to strain against it, pushing with all his might. He moved his right hand to a better position and pushed again.
His hand slipped and ran across the edge. He felt it slice into his flesh and felt a liquid warmth flowing down his arm.
“Son of a bitch!” Kalgan said, wincing as an icy shock travelled down his arm from the wound on his palm.
He quickly clasped his left hand onto his right to stop the bleeding and awkwardly opened his door to go to the bathroom.
He put his hand under the water and watched crimson streamers flow down the drain in an inward-spiral.
Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt like a cut normally would. It was just cold. But it was quite deep. Kalgan knew he wouldn’t be using this hand for quite some time. Good thing it was Summer, and school was out, otherwise, he would have had to learn to write with his left hand.
“Bastard mirror!” He cursed in annoyance. The thing was becoming more dangerous to have around than it was worth. Maybe he should get rid of it?
No. If anything, it was becoming more strange. More interesting. He couldn’t leave this mystery alone. No stupid cut was going to keep him from solving it. Especially when he only had himself to blame for the cut.
He wrapped his hand as well as he could and resigned himself to using only his left hand for a while.
After returning to his room and closing his door, he looked at the mirror once more. How was it able to stand on edge like that without support? Internal gyroscopes, maybe?
Or maybe it was aligning to the Earth’s magnetic field? He grabbed a small bar-magnet from a drawer in his desk and approached the mirror slowly, but after pressing the magnet up to it, and finding it wasn’t magnetic at all, he was even more puzzled than ever. Was it gyroscopes, then?
He tapped the magnet against the surface of the mirror and was puzzled to hear no sound whatsoever. At the very least, there should have been some kind of sound from the magnet at least from the sound-waves passing through it.
He tapped it harder. Still no sound.
“Hmm…” he said, examining some of the items around his room. There was a large polished rock he was quite proud of. Oh well.
He picked it up and rapped it against the mirror. Very lightly at first. He didn’t want to break either the mirror, or his favorite rock. It was a large red agate geode that was open and polished on one side.
No sound whatsoever. He struck it harder.
Nothing. This was getting weird. He sighed, then slammed the rock against the mirror with all the might he dared to muster.
The rock shattered into several pieces without a sound, then fell apart in his hand with the sound of rock sliding against rock.
Up until that moment, he had been motivated by curiosity. But now…
A cold spike of fear travelled up his spine. This thing wasn’t right. Not at all. What the hell had he gotten himself into?
He stood there for a long moment, just staring at the thing. He didn’t know how to get rid of it, let alone destroy it.
He let out a long breath, then heard a strange sound. It seemed to come from the opposite side of the mirror. It reminded him of when he had thrown a stone into a long, deep cave he had gone to as a child with his mother and sister. The sound of a stone striking something with great force, and the resulting echo as it took a long time to come back.
Kalgan knew that there was something terribly wrong with this thing. He felt a sudden unreasoning fear he had never felt in his life. When he had heard that sound, he had gotten the sudden impression in his mind of a vast cavernous space on the other side of the mirror.
He took a step back as he felt vertigo and rushed over to his closet. He grabbed a blanket from within and quickly returned to throw it over the accursed thing. Then he vowed to himself to find a way to get rid of it in the morning. Perhaps he could call up his best friend, Karl, and they could toss it off a cliff, or something.
Until then, might as well ignore the thing, and…
A sound, strangely familiar began to emanate from under the blanket.
The fluttering of countless wings, and the shrieks of bats. The mirror shuddered and shifted slightly as countless small objects struck it from… somewhere else.
Kalgan hurriedly stepped over and propped it up so it wouldn’t fall. The last thing he wanted was this thing to punch a hole in his wall if it fell over.
The shrieking of bats and the bucking of the mirror continued for well over a minute.
“What in Earth is happening?!” Kalgan said to himself in fear.
After a moment, when the mirror was no longer being assaulted from some unseen force, curiosity began to overtake the hammering of his heart.
He slowly pulled the blanket off the mirror and gazed into its dark depths.
There was a small shrieking sound as a bat sent out an echo-location ping and Kalgan saw it pass within inches of the surface of the mirror! But on the other side!
This was no mirror! It was a window… Into some other place. A pitch-dark cave of some kind.
Kalgan hurriedly pulled the blanket back over the window and raced to his bedroom door. He threw it open and made his way out of the house. His mother and sister were nowhere in sight to stop or question him, thank goodness. He just needed some air… And to go take a long walk to settle down his pounding heart.
“It wasn’t real,” he repeated over and over as he headed down the street. The sun was setting, and the world was becoming painted in oranges and reds. On another day, he might have admired the incredible sunset, but he was too shaken to do that.
He didn’t know how long he walked, but before he knew it, he was nearing the end of his road.
“Come on. Think this through, Kal,” he said to himself. “It could just be a really weird television set. Showing what some kind of camera is seeing somewhere else.”
The explanation didn’t satisfy him, but he needed to think of something logical to slow his pulse down. He had blacked out several times in his life previously from stressful situations, and he didn’t need it to happen again. Not out here so far from home.
He sighed and doubled back. Nothing for it. He would just have to go back in there and see what else he could figure out about the “mirror” in his room.
A new determination was beginning to build within him. He was going to discover what the thing really was, and more importantly, where it was showing him.
He laughed suddenly. This could very well be the discovery of the century! A strange mirror that didn’t follow any known laws of physics, and was a window into some unknown space inhabited only by bats and darkness! Didn’t he have a duty to uncover its secrets?
He supposed he had no choice now. The thing wasn’t going anywhere. Then a terrifying thought came to him.
What if the thing never left? Would it inhabit his room forever? Perhaps even long after he was dead?

Kalgan shuddered from the chill traveling up his spine.
The sun set shortly there after, turning the bottoms of the clouds a rust-tinged red.
“It’s going to be a long night,” he said as he turned down his driveway and reentered his house.



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